If I were a US Senator 

If I were to run for a Senate seat 

Would I rule justly, no matter the heat? 

Would re-election not be a fear 

And allow me to serve with my heart fully clear? 

Would I do the right thing and not just toe the party line? 

Or would I be a coward, and not speak my mind? 

Would I allow horrible acts to go unpunished, scot-free? 

Or would I do the job that was entrusted to me? 

Would I look at everything without any bias? 

Or would I put my head in the sand and act with false pious? 

Being entrusted to serve, and to my base, not grovel, 

I would do my duty, and not just read a novel. 

I would hear all the facts before deciding my vote. 

Not allow pressure to make my response simply rote. 

If only a US Senator were I,  

All these other pretenders could just go BYE BYE! 

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